Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, March 4, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“Apple Is Playing an Expensive Game of AI Catch-Up” (WSJ)

“New AI image generator is 8 times faster than OpenAI's best tool — and can run on cheap computers” (Link)

“Here Come the AI Worms” (Wired)

“DataDreamer: A Tool for Synthetic Data Generation and Reproducible LLM Workflows” (Link)

👏 Deals

Myko AI, a Florida-based company building conversational AI for sales and revenue teams, has raised $2.7m in seed financing.

Hedia, Denmark-based startup providing digital therapeutic solutions for people with diabetes, has raised €3m in seed financing.

FamilyWell, a Boston-based health startup providing tech-enabled support for maternal mental health, has secured $4.3m in seed financing.

Campfire, a CA-based startup focusing on innovating accounting software for startups and mid-sized companies, has raised $3.5m in seed financing.

Matter Neuroscience, a New York-based startup focusing on curing unhappiness, has raised $26m in financing.

Roshal Health, a Texas-based company focusing on the innovation of on-demand imaging services, has raised $10m in financing.

Logan Energy, an Edinburgh-based energy startup offering green hydrogen solutions for the hydrogen power sector, has secured £5m in financing.

Gradial, a Seattle-based startup utilizing generative AI to enhance marketing and sales operations, has raised $5.4m in seed financing.

Anthro Energy, a CA-based battery tech startup developing lithium-ion batteries, has raised $20m in series A financing.

Redi Health, an Ohio-based healthcare tech startup building a platform to connect doctors, pharmacies and patients, has raised $14m in series B financing.

Bench IQ, a Canada-based legal startup using AI to build a judge analysis platform,  has raised $2.1m in financing.

Prolocor, a Philadelphia-based healthcare company focusing on developing a precision diagnostic test, raised $1.7m in financing.

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