Pitch Your Company

If your startup meets the following criteria, let's connect. You (Founder/CEO) can grab a time below.

Company would like to raise experienced venture capital to be your funder and partner.
Company has raised Pre-seed, Seed funding, or Series A funding and is looking to raise in next 6-12 month. This can be a new series or a bridge.
Has a data/ML/AI/Emerging Tech-enabled product, initial set of enterprise customers, solving a meaningful problem.
U.S. based or domiciled.

Please submit the deck before the meeting by sending me a DM with attachment on Linkedin.

Meeting with Joyce Shen - Joyce Shen
Please send me an overview deck if you are pitching. My focus is applied ML/AI and deep tech companies. Ideally your company is raising now or in 6-12months.

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