Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, March 11, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Highly anticipated Nvidia GTC Conference is on March 18-21. (Link)

The European Union launched the European AI Office that will be responsible for implementing the AI Act. (Link)

“Meta is building a giant AI model to power its ‘entire video ecosystem,’ exec says” (CNBC)

Claude 3 launched. (Link)

👏 Deals

Salvo Health, a New York-based healthcare startup providing virtual care clinics for individuals with chronic diseases, raised $5m in seed financing.

Heat Geek, a London-based sustainable energy startup aiming at the innovation of heating technology, has raised £3.7m in seed financing.

Neurenati Therapeutics, a Canada-based biotech startup creating therapies for uncommon diseases, has raised $1.2m in seed financing.

Particle, a CA-based startup building an AI-driven news reader, has raised $4.4m in seed financing.

Gridcog, a London-based clean-tech startup creating a clean energy simulation and tracking platform, has raised £3.3m in financing.

Synctera, a CA-based company dedicated to financial innovation and a leader in embedded banking and finance, has raised $18.6m financing.

Healthee, a New York-based healthcare tech startup providing a healthcare benefits navigation platform, has secured $32m series A financing.

Axiom Cloud, a San Jose-based company developing software for the solutions for refrigeration management, has raised $5m in financing.

HData, an AL-based startup building AI-powered data analysis platform to help the energy industry manage regulatory data, has raised $10m in series A financing.

mPATH Health, a NC-based healthcare startup building a digital platform for cancer screening, has raised $1.1m in financing.

Rios Intelligent Machines, a CA-based startup building AI-powered robotics for manufacturing industry, has raised $13m in series B financing.

Cyclize, a Germany-based climate tech startup developing plasma-based technology for recycling plastic waste, has raised €5m in seed financing.

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