Nvidia GTC 2024 - Major Themes

In the first 30 minutes of Jensen Huang's keynote at GTC 2024, Jensen outlined the current fundamental concepts and innovations of high performance compute for AI. Must watch for any technologist and anyone who is interested to understand what is happening in AI.

In addition to the launch of Blackwell GPU and the Superchip with complete coherence, a few additional important themes emerged from the GTC:

Secure AI: secure data at rest and in transit.

Interoperability: Nvidia also discussed the NVLink Switch Chip, even more more powerful than Blackwell. NVLink helps with interoperability of GPUs at line speed.

The Nvidia Stack: hardware, compute optimization, software, developer ecosystem, industry-centric solutions


Performant AI Compute: Comparison between Blackwell and Hopper


Blackwell has 5x token generation capability compared to Hopper.

Putting advancement of compute in perspective:


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