Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, April 1, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Happy first day of April!  Readings will resume next week!

👏 Deals

Buzz Solutions, a Palo Alto-based company focused on critical energy infrastructure protection, raised $5m in financing.

Ascent Platform Corporation, a NYC-based provider of point-of-sale solutions for banks and credit unions, raised $5m in financing.

Euno Data, a CA-based data governance platform, raised $6M in Seed financing.

Hippocratic AI, a Palo Alto-based company building a safety-focused Large Language Model (LLM) for healthcare, closed $53m in Series A financing.

PocketHealth, a Toronto-based company focused on medical image exchange for patients and providers, raised $33m in financing.

e-peas, a Belgium-based company building power management and energy harvesting solution for IoT and low-power solutions, raised €17m in financing.

NeuReality, a Israel-based AI inference and infrastructure company, raised $20m in financing.

Quilt AI, a San Francisco-based developer of AI assistants, raised $2.5m in seed financing.

Sprih, a Pennsylvania-based sustainability tracking and reporting platform, raised $3m in Seed financing.

Monaire, a Boston-based startup focused on waste and emissions for small commercial buildings, raised $3.5M in financing.

Cleric AI, a San Francisco-based provider for application infrastructure management, raised $4.3M in Seed financing.

Dymium, a CA-based data access management company, raised $7m in financing.

Mermaid Chart, a San Francisco-based company offering text-based workflow diagramming and management tools, raised $7m in Seed financing.

NovaData Solutions, a PA-based provider of property restoration invoice analysis, raised Series A financing.

Holistic AI, a Palo Alto-based AI governance platform, received additional financing.

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