Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, March 25, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“Evolving New Foundation Models: Unleashing the Power of Automating Model Development” (Sakana AI)

Meta’s SceneScript, a model for 3D scene reconstruction (Meta)

01 Light - a precursor to a digital personal assistant. What do you think?  (check it out, documentation)

“Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI” (Reuters)

“TacticAI: an AI assistant for football tactics” (Deepmind). My graduate Berkeley students thought of a similar application in 2022!  (check it out)

👏 Deals

Furno, a CA-based startup using modular carbon-neutral technology to decarbonize the cement production industry, has raised $6.5m in seed financing.

ProteinDistillery, a Germany-based startup working on transforming the food industry through innovative plant-based and clean protein ingredients, has raised €15m in seed financing.

Fluid Analytics, a CA-based cleantech startup providing solutions for urban water pollution, has raised $1.6m in series A financing.

Mindfuel, a Munich-based startup focusing on data product management, has raised €3.75m seed financing. 

WealthFeed, building a growth platform for financial advisors, raised $2m in financing.

Telo, a CA-based EV mini-trucks manufacturer, raised $5.4M in financing.

Asgard Therapeutics, a Sweden-based biotech company focused on in vivo technology for cancer immunotherapy, raised €30m in financing.

Interlune, a natural resources company looking to harvest Helium-3 (He-3) on the moon for industrial use on Earth, has raised $15m in financing.

Redcoat AI, a CA-based cybersecurity company combating mobile-based threats generated by AI, raised $4m in financing.

Lumino, a San Francisco, CA-based AI cloud infrastructure startup, raised $2.8M in Pre-Seed funding 

Superlinked, a San Francisco-based startup focused on the creation of vector embeddings, raised $9.5m in financing.

Marco, a trade finance platform, raised $12M in Series A financing.

Anima Health, a London-based provider of a care enablement and management platform, raised $12M in Series A financing.

Auguria, a cybersecurity company looking to reduce overload of security operations, has raised new financing.

Poseidon Ocean Systems, a Canada-based company providing infrastructure and software solutions for the aquaculture industry, raised US$20m in Series B financing.

Enapi, a Berlin-based startup building connectivity for EV charging, has raised €2.5m in pre-deed funding

Innatera, aNetherlands-based company building ultra-low power neuromorphic chips, raised €15m in Series A financing.

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