Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, March 18, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Incorporating Ethics in AI (UC Berkeley)

Apple’s multimodal model (link to technical paper)

Cognition released Devin, an AI-based software engineer (link)

Foundational model for robot development (link)

👏 Deals

Vescent, a CO-based startup leasing quantum 2.0 technologies to enable commercialization, has raised $5m in seed financing.

BREVIAN, a CA-based startup creating a platform enabling business users to build secure and customizable AI agents, has raised $9m in seed financing.

Greenlyte Carbon Technologies, a Germany-based leading direct air capture startup, has raised €10.5m in pre-series A financing.

Reach Security, a CA-based cybersecurity startup developing AI technology for security operations, has raised $20m in financing.

Suiso, a UK-based startup specializing in creating green hydrogen generators, has raised £3m in financing.

Siolta Therapeutics, a CA-based clinical-stage biotech startup focusing on developing live biotherapeutics, has secured $12m financing.  

Nest Health, a New Orleans-based healthcare startup focusing on whole family care at home, has raised $4m in financing.

Bluwhale, a San Francisco-based startup building AI-powered platform to link companies with Web3 wallet holders, has raised $7m in seed financing.

Quaise Energy, a MA-based startup dedicated to discovering clean geothermal energy, has raised $21m in series A financing.

Foundation Health, a CA-based healthcare tech startup focusing on innovating consumer healthcare experiences, has secured $6m in seed financing.

Pienso, a VA-based AI startup developing the platform to provide no-code training tools for AI models, has raised $10m in financing.

Nanonets, a CA-based AI startup building an AI-powered automation platform for business workflows, has $29m in series B financing.

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