Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, June 3, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“Computer Industry Joins NVIDIA to Build AI Factories and Data Centers for the Next Industrial Revolution” (Nvidia)

“AMD Announces Future AI Chips, Will Speed Rollout of New Models” (Link)

“Google’s A.I. Search Leaves Publishers Scrambling” (NYTimes)

“Small Language Models for Application Interactions: A Case Study” (Microsoft)

👏 Deals

Rain AI, a CA-based AI chip startup focusing on efficient hardware for AI, has raised $8m in Series A financing.

Transcend, a CA-based company building a data privacy platform enabling organizations to better govern data, has raised $40m in series B financing.

Lucy Therapeutics, a Boston-based biotech company dedicated to research on new treatments for Alzheimer and Parkinson, has raised $12.5m in financing. 

SmartPM, a GA-based construction tech startup building the real-time automated analytics platform for schedule controls for the construction industry, has raised $5.5m in series A financing.

Zendata, a CA-based startup providing data protection and AI governance solutions, has raised $2m in seed financing.

Posterity Health, a Denver-based clinic developing focused on male reproductive health, has raised $6m in financing.

Maven AGI, a Boston-based AI tech startup building a generative AI platform to deliver enterprise customer support, has raised $20m in series A financing.

Plural Energy, a CA-based blockchain startup engaged in connecting clean energy developers with investors, has raised $2m in pre-seed financing.

Circe, a Boston-based startup developing technology to decarbonize food production through fermentation, has raised $8m in financing.

Valar Labs, a Palo Alto-based biotech startup creating an AI-empowered tool to predict cancer treatment outcomes, has raised $22m in series A financing.

Plenful, a CA-startup building an AI-powered workflow automation platform to enhance operations for pharmacy and healthcare, has raised $17m in series A financing., a London-based startup developing an AI-powered platform enabling artists to use AI models to create images in their style, has raised $4m in seed financing.

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