Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, May 27, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“OpenAI to start using news content from News Corp. as part of a multiyear deal” (Link)

“Mapping the Mind of a Large Language Model” (Link). Longer paper here.

“GPT-4o’s Chinese token-training data is polluted by spam and porn websites”  (Link)

👏 Deals

Overland AI, a WA-based startup developing autonomous driving technology for off-road vehicles for defense, has secured $10m in seed financing.

Aeromine Technologies, a TX-based startup building the innovative motionless rooftop wind energy system, has raised $9m in series A financing.

Daffodil Health, a CA-based healthcare tech startup providing AI-powered solutions to healthcare pricing and administration, has raised $4.6n in seed financing.

BaniQL, a CA-based climate tech startup developing sustainable technology for green extraction of nickel and cobalt, has raised $1.6m in seed financing.

Abett, a Seattle-based healthcare startup building the software platform enabling employers to manage and analyze health plan data, has raised $11.6m in series A financing.

XGS Energy, a CA-based startup specializing in developing heat harvesting technology for scalable geothermal energy, has raised $20m in series A financing.

Hamilton Health Box, a TX-based startup dedicated to delivering high-quality primary care, has raised $10m in series A financing.

Superlegal, a New York-based company developing an AI-powered platform to review legal contracts, has raised $5m in seed financing.

Verse, a CA-based startup using AI to build its software platform to enable companies to reduce clean power procurement costs, has raised $20.5m in series A financing.

Vaxess Technologies, a MA-based life sciences startup developing technology enabling self-administered vaccines and therapeutics, has raised $12m in financing., a CA-based startup building an AI-empowered code scanner helping organizations protect sensitive data, has raised $3m in seed financing.

TadHealth, a CA-based startup developing a mental health platform for schools, has raised $1.6m in financing.

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