Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, June 10, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Perplexica is looking to challenge Perplexity as the open-source alternative (link)

Meta Announces Plans to Use Facebook and Instagram Posts to Train AI (link)

Microsoft says AI feature that captures screenshots on new PCs will be off by default after backlash (link)

Alice in Wonderland: Simple Tasks Showing Complete Reasoning Breakdown in State-Of-the-Art Large Language Models. (Paper)

👏 Deals

Forward, a TX-based fintech startup offering payment solutions to SaaS companies to integrate and monetize payments, has raised $16m in seed financing.

Caju AI, a VA-based startup building a generative AI-powered customer engagement platform, has raised $3m in seed financing.

Psylo, a San Diego-based biotech startup developing neuroplastogens for mental disorder treatments, has raised $8m in seed financing.

Keragon, a Boston-based company developing an AI-empowered no-code HIPAA-compliant automation platform for healthcare, has raised $3m in financing.

WindBorne Systems, a CA-based weather intelligence startup building atmospheric sensing system and AI-powered weather models, has raised $15m in series A financing.

Aperture Finance, a CA-based startup developing decentralized AI-powered intents for DeFi operations, has raised a $6.7m series A financing.

Thoughtly, a NY-based startup building a no-code platform deploying AI-powered human-like voice agents for contact centers, has raised $3m financing. 

Axena Health, a startup dedicated to delivering new treatments solutions in women’s pelvic health, has raised $9m in series A financing.

Sixfold, a New York-based startup creating AI-powered platform providing end-to-end risk analysis for underwriters, has raised $15M in series A financing.

Tektonic AI, a Seattle-based AI startup building GenAI agents to automate enterprise operation processes, has raised $10m in financing. 

Eyebot, a Boston-based company developing AI-powered self-serve and quick vision testing kiosks enabling accessible eye care, has raised $6m in seed financing.

Greptile, a CA-based startup enabling developers to search and understand large code bases in natural language, has raised $4m in seed financing.

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