Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, June 24, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Youtube updated its user privacy complaint process to include generated content by AI. (Link)

“SoftBank CEO says AI that is 10,000 times smarter than humans will come out in 10 years” (CNBC)

“AI took their jobs. Now they get paid to make it sound human” (BBC)

Livemind: Inference acceleration framework for LLMs (Link)

👏 Deals

Princeton NuEnergy, a NJ-based startup building sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling solutions, has raised $30m in series A financing.

Autify, a CA and Japan-based company developing AI agent for software quality engineering process, has raised $13m in series B financing.

SewerAI, a CA-based company building AI-empowered platform to enable inspection of sewer pipes across the nation, has raised $15m in series B financing.

OGO Health, a NY-based medtech startup developing AI-driven application and wearable sensors to treat patients with chronic pain and neuromuscular disorders, has raised $5.5m in financing.

Proofs, a CA-based startup that helps accelerate the process of proof-of-concept software development for API-first companies, has raised $2.6m in pre-seed financing.

Trustwise, a TX-based startup dedicated to generative AI application performance and risk management, has raised $4m in seed financing.

Aikido Technologies, a CA-based startup building the platform for floating offshore wind turbines for low-cost clean energy deployment, has raised $4m in seed financing.

atmio, a Germany-based startup developing an operating system for clean natural gas operations, has raised €5.1m in seed financing.

Maxterial, a CA-based material science startup building an innovative coating platform to protect against wear, heat, and corrosion, has raised $8m in series A financing.

Molten Industries, a CA-based company specializing in converting natural gas into clean graphite and hydrogen to decarbonize heavy industries, has raised $25m in series A financing.

Coeptis Therapeutics, a PA-based biopharmaceutical startup dedicated to building cell therapy platforms for cancer patients, has raised $4.3m in financing.

MEandMine, a Palo Alto-based startup focused on providing mental health solutions to schools, has raised $4.5m in financing.

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