Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, July 1, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“The Only App That Always Wins the Battle for Your Attention” (WSJ)

“AI Work Assistants Need a Lot of Handholding” (WSJ)

“Data curation via joint example selection further accelerates multimodal learning” (Deepmind)

“Gemma 2: Improving Open Language Models at a Practical Size” (Google)

“CriticGPT, a model based on GPT-4, writes critiques of ChatGPT responses to help human trainers spot mistakes during RLHF” (OpenAI)

👏 Deals

Heyday Health, a company offering both in-home care and telehealth care specifically for Medicare patients, has raised $12.5m in financing.

TwoStep Therapeutics, a CA-based biotechnology startup focusing on developing  targeted cancer therapeutics, has raised $6.5m in seed financing.

Metroblocks, a Los Angeles-based startup building sustainable data center infrastructure for underserved metro areas, has raised $5.2m in seed financing.

Invi MindHealth, a Denver-based health tech startup dedicated to delivering personalized mental health solutions for veterans and beyond, has raised $1.5m in seed financing.

Foray Bioscience, a Cambridge-based startup building a plant cell culture platform growing plant-based products to protect and restore natural ecosystems, has raised $3m in seed financing.

Travertine, a CO-based startup specializing in carbon dioxide removal and sustainable critical element production to tackle climate change, has raised $8.5m in financing.

Ario, a CA-based startup building an AI-powered life assistant platform enabling users to reduce time spent on mundane tasks, has raised $16m in seed financing.

MagicSchool AI, a Denver-based startup building a generative AI platform empowering teachers and students to navigate the AI-infused environment, has raised $15m in series A financing.

Feon Energy, a battery electrolyte startup developing lithium batteries featuring higher energy density and lower cost, has raised $6.1m in seed financing.

Libattion, a Swiss-based company developing green lithium battery storage and energy management system for industry and utility companies, has raised €14m in financing.

Waypoint Bio, a NY-based startup focusing on cell therapy design and development with spatial biology technology for solid tumors, has raised $14.5m in seed financing.

WattAnyWhere, a Swiss-based cleantech startup developing a fuel cell-based and  pollutant-free generator to convert renewable ethanol into electricity, has raised $2.5m in seed financing.

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