Joyce Shen’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, June 17, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“The AI bill that has Big Tech panicked” (Vox)

“AI ‘might take over’ one day if it isn't developed responsibly, Geoffrey Hinton warns (CBS)

“Technique improves the reasoning capabilities of large language models” (MIT)

👏 Deals

Jump, a Salt Lake City-based startup automating administrative tasks for financial advisors through AI, has raised $4.6m in financing.

Anterior, a NYC-based company building platform to innovate healthcare administrative operations, raised $20m in series A financing.

OnStation, an Ohio-based startup developing the digital stationing platform for the transportation industry, has raised $8m in series A financing.

Cardino, a Berlin-based marketplace for electric vehicles in Europe, has raised €4m in seed financing.

Ship Angel, a New York-based startup developing a supply chain operating system for the shipping industry, has raised $5m in financing.

Swift Solar, a CA-based solar technology startup developing perovskite technology to build lightweight and efficient solar panels, has raised $27m in series A financing.

ElectronX, a Chicago-based startup building an electricity exchange for grid transition to clean energy, has raised $15m in seed financing.

Canary Speech, a startup developing vocal biomarkers to analyze speech for mental and neurological diseases, has raised $13m in series A financing.

Unigrid Battery, a San Diego-based startup developing sodium-ion batteries for clean energy transition, has raised $12m in series A financing.

Better Health, a CA-based startup building a digital platform providing medical supplies and support to patients with chronic conditions, has raised $14m in financing.

Zeta Labs, a CA-based startup focusing on creating AI agents to execute complex and multiple tasks, has raised pre-seed financing.

Aepnus Technology, a CA-based climate tech startup building a battery waste recycling platform aiming to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, has raised $8m in seed financing.

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