Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, April 8, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Canada to invest $1.8m in AI (WSJ)

Nvidia launched FoundationPose - “6D Pose Estimation and Tracking of Novel Objects” (Github)

“Long-form factuality in large language models” (Google Deepmind)

👏 Deals

Profluent, a Berkeley-based protein design company using AI, raised $35m in financing.

Packback, a company focused on an AI-enabled writing assistant, received new financing.

Rithmik Solutions, a Canada-based company that builds analytics for the mining industry, raised $2m in financing.

SER, a Germany-based content management company, raised new financing.

Circular, a CA-based provider of sustainable sourcing, raised $10m in financing.

Goalsetter, a NYC-based provider of wealth and financial education platform, raised $9m in Series A financing., a Germany-based 3D product visualization company, raised $3.3m in financing.

Buddywise, a Stockholm-based workplace safety platform, raised €3m in seed financing.

Dema, a Stockholm-based predictive analytics platform, raised €7m in Seed financing.

Greenly, a Paris-based carbon accounting startup, raised $52m in Series B financing.

OneNotary, a CA-based online provider for notarization, closed a $5m Series A financing.

Foundational, a provider that helps identify and prevent data issues in data platforms, raised $8m in Seed financing.

ValidMind, a CA-based provider of an AI and model risk management platform for financial services, raised $8m in Seed financing.

Oka, a Park City-based carbon insurance company, raised $10m in financing.

MyShell, a decentralized place that connects different stakeholders working in AI, raised $11m in financing.

TurbineOne, a San Francisco-based company which specializes in ML for government, raised $15m in Series A financing.

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