Joyce’s picks — readings in machine learning /AI

July 14, 2023

Nvidia deepens bets on AI in drug discovery with Recursion investment (Reuters)

New York City’s AI Hiring Bias Law Creates Hurdles for Companies (Bloomberg Law)

Removing bias in AI: Wells Fargo shares open toolkit for explainability (Venturebeat)

This amazing new AI tool turns a scribble into a finished image in seconds (Fast Company)

What enterprises can learn about data infrastructure from Cruise driverless cars (Venturebeat)

Learn a Foreign Language Before It’s Too Late (The Atlantic)

OpenAI and Shutterstock Extend Partnership Six More Years (Hypebeast)

Open AI’s superintelligence alignment (Link)

Machine learning unlearning challenge (Link)

A novel biosensor for detecting neurogenerative disease proteins (Link)

Cosine Similarity for 1 Trillion Pairs of Vectors (Link)

Chronon — A Declarative Feature Engineering Framework from Airbnb (Link)

Rising Data Center Costs Linked to AI Demands (WSJ)

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