Joyce's picks - readings in machine learning /AI - July 21, 2023

Meta LLaMA — original blog (link)

Meta and Microsoft Introduce the Next Generation of Llama (link)

Most outsourced coders in India will be gone in 2 years due to A.I., Stability AI boss predicts (CNBC)

One senator’s big idea for AI (Politico)

Unstructured, which offers tools to prep enterprise data for LLMs, raises $25M (Techcrunch)

SpeedyBrand, a CA-based generative marketing AI company, raised $2.5M in funding

Figure AI, a CA-based company building general purpose humanoid robots, raised $9M

Wing Cloud, a New York-based company building Winglang (a programming language), raised $20M

Futureverse, a Los Angeles-based AI and metaverse technology company, raised $54M

Hammerspace, a CA-based provider of a data orchestration platform, raised $56M

Resemble AI, a Canada-based provider of a generative AI platform to clone voices, raised $8m

Isometric, a London-based provider of a carbon removal registry, raised $25M

Prospective, a New York-based interactive analytics and data visualization company, raised $6M

Sylvera, a London-based carbon credit ratings company, raised $57m.

Tractable AI, a London-based company bringing computer vision to cars and homes assessments, raised $65M

Neura Robotics, a Germany-based AI and robotics startup, raised $55M

Devnaut, a Raleigh-based company that creates, visualizes and organizes codebase maps through AI, has launched.

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