Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, February 5, 2024

📌 Readings

Amazon earnings press release with strategic initiative details (link)

Meta earnings call transcript (link)

Microsoft product announcement (link)

Alphabet earnings call transcript (link)

AMD earnings slides (link)

👏 Deals

Carpl, a CA-based radiology AI tech startup, has raised $6m in financing.

Cohere Health, a Boston-based startup which provides intelligent prior-authorization has raised $50m in new funding.

ArteraAI, a CA-based company developing AI-enabled predictive and prognostic cancer tests, has raised $20m in financing.

Indemn, a New York-based startup offering an AI-powered conversational insurance platform has closed $1.9m.

Evaro, a London-based startup that provides AI-powered clinical and drug prescription services, has secured $1.5m.

Alinea Invest, a New York-based startup offering the wealth management application for the Gen-Z, raised $3.4m in seed financing.

Haven Energy, a Los Angeles-based climate technology startup focused on home battery systems, has raised $7M in Series A financing.

Cultivo, a CA-based startup that leverages geospatial intelligence to create nature-focused investment portfolios, has raised $14m financing., a San Francisco-based AI agent startup, has raised $30m to focus on future of work.

Vital Interaction, an Austin-based healthcare tech startup focusing on healthcare data, business intelligence and workflow automation, has raised $15m in financing.

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