Helping Others See

When I flew back from Raleigh to New York Friday evening, I saw a doctor in his scrubs. He carried a box that has a label "human tissue inside." I looked closer, there is another label on the box that says "Miracle In Sight." In between checking emails, I looked up Miracle In Sight and learned that it is a research organization and an eye bank. I did not know that eye banks existed. Learning #1.

It was a late flight, and the everyone was eager to get on the plane. While we waited to board, I realized that the doctor with the box stood not far from me. My curiosity couldn't help itself so I approached him and boldly asked:" Hi sir, are you taking an eye to New York?" He replied:" it is not an eye but cornea. New York doesn't need them; they have them." I then asked him where he is taking the cornea. He said he is taking it to _____ (a city pretty far in Southeast Asia). Wow.

"You are taking cornea to _____!?" This doctor replied:" I take them and then perform cornea transplant on patients who need them." Then, while holding the box with one arm, he took out the phone with his other hand, and showed me a picture from a previous mission. He said that the woman in the picture saw her adult daughter for the first time because of the cornea transplant. She had tears in her eyes and a big smile on her face. He pointed out to me where the transplant is in her eyes and the sutures. I then asked him how long it takes to do the transplant and whether he has to change ice. He shared that cornea transplant surgery usually takes ~45 minutes, and he probably has to change ice in _____ (a global city in Asia) before continuing the trip to his final destination. Based on my estimation, from Raleigh to his final destination, it takes 2 days if not longer.

I then asked for his name. He said his name is Lloyd Williams.

At this point, the boarding started. After I boarded, I saw the doctor again and said to him:"have a good trip, sir!"

Talking about making incredible impacts. Dr. Williams - thank you for what you do and inspiring me! I am very lucky to have met you and have the opportunity to learn about your work.

You can read more about Dr. Williams' work here and here.

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