Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, February 19, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings
"CDAO Launches First DOD AI Bias Bounty Focused on Unknown Risks in LLMs" (U.S. Department of Defense)

"Video generation models as world simulators" (OpenAI)

"Diagnostic reasoning prompts reveal the potential for large language model interpretability in medicine" (Nature)

👏 Deals

Rogo, a New York-based startup building generative AI platform for financial services, has raised $7m in Seed financing. 

Celadyne, a Chicago-based clean energy startup providing hydrogen solutions for the energy industry, has raised over $4m in seed financing.

Marqo, a CA-and Melbourne-based AI startup, has raised $12m in financing to develop its AI-driven search platform.

Motif Analytics, a CA-based startup focusing on data analytics, has completed $5.7m in Seed financing.

Quilter, a Los Angeles-based AI startup focusing on AI-powered circuit board design, has raised $10m in Series A financing.

Ezra, a New York-based healthcare AI startup developing AI-powered MRI scans for early cancer detection, has raised $21m in financing. 

Truflation, a CA-based company providing inflation data, has raised $6m in financing. 

finally, a Miami-based fintech startup has raised $10m in financing to build an AI-powered bookkeeping platform for small businesses.

Cimba.AI, a Seattle-based AI startup developing customizable AI agents to generate insights and actions, has raised over $1m in Pre-Seed financing. 

Perigon, a Texas-based company that provides real-time AI powered contextual intelligence for the web data, has secured $5m in Seed financing.

Headlight, a CA-based mental health startup has raised $18m in financing to develop a tech-enabled mental health care platform.

Vocode, a CA-based startup developing conversational AI using an open source platform has raised $3m in seed financing.

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