Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, February 12, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

“How symmetry can come to the aid of machine learning” (MIT)

“Bard becomes Gemini” (Google)

“Acoustic Model Fusion for End-to-End Speech Recognition” (Apple)

“Shaping the future of advanced robotics” (Deepmind)

“Building geospatial foundation models via continual pretraining” (Amazon)

👏 Deals

Nauticus Robotics, a Houston-based company developing subsea robots and software has raised $12m.

Candor Technology, an Atlanta-based AI company offering underwriting technology for the mortgage industry has raised Series B funding.

p0, an AI startup using generative AI to prevent data breaches and software failures has raised $6.5m in funding.

Norm AI, A New York-based regulatory technology startup, has raised $11m to target corporate compliance.

CharacterX, a San Francisco-based AI tech company that provides a decentralized AI social network has raised $2.8m in Seed financing.

Synthetaic, a Wisconsin-based startup using machine learning to analyze data from space and air sensors, has raised $15m in financing.

Dexa, a New York-based startup developing AI-powered search engine for multi-modal content, has secured $6m in seed funding. 

Colossyan, a London-based AI company that uses generative AI to develop for corporate training videos has raised $22m in financing.

Octup, an Israel-based startup that develops an AI-backed e-commerce insights platform, has raised $4m pre-seed funding.

Azul Energy, a Japan-based clean chemistry startup developing catalysts for next-generation energy systems, has raised $3.2m in Series A funding.

Leap AI, a San Francisco-based startup focusing on building next-gen AI workflows has raised $1.4m in seed funding.  

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