The market is volatile, and people are "taking risks off the table." If you watch major financial news channels, you hear this a lot in the past few days. Today, I heard commentator say that a major correction is good, and they were expecting it. I have several observations:

  • Hindsight is 20/20. The bears look really smart this week.
  • Group think is rampant. We need creative ideas and deeper discussions on fundamentals of companies versus reactionary statements on what the market is doing.
  • I think most people do not fathom how technology and AI are changing the economy and the structures of organizations. The analyses are of today and tomorrow but not of the future world.

Volatile market make people scared. Volatile market also brings opportunities because those professional investors who are different and unique thinkers will find the underserved opportunities ignored by groupthink. We need to look harder, detach from group think, look at fundamentals (not just financials but how the company is built and the business model), analyze the management team, and develop conviction as to what the future will look like.

My writing is my own view and not investment advice.

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