Joyce’s picks: readings in ML/AI , September 12, 2023

“TSMixer: An all-MLP architecture for time series forecasting” (Google)

“Attention Is All You Need” (a major classic!)

“Language to rewards for robotic skill synthesis” (Google)

“Consistent Collaborative Filtering via Tensor Decomposition
Authors” (Apple)

“Speeding Up Text-To-Speech Diffusion Models by Distillation” (Nvidia)

“To Copy Rather Than Memorize: A Vertical Learning Paradigm for Knowledge Graph Completion” (Microsoft)

“Why This Award-Winning Piece of AI Art Can’t Be Copyrighted” (Wired)

OpenAI’s first developer conference on Nov 6, 2023 (registration info)

“CrowdStrike CEO talks generative AI, cybersecurity and new ‘virtual security analyst’” (CNBC)

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