Joyce’s picks: readings in ML/AI, July 28, 2023

“Aided by A.I. Language Models, Google’s Robots Are Getting Smart” (NYTimes)

“AI search of Neanderthal proteins resurrects ‘extinct’ antibiotics” (Nature)

“SK Hynix and Samsung’s early bet on AI memory chips pays off” (FT)

“KNN-Diffusion: Image Generation via Large-Scale Retrieval” (Link)

“Consistency Models” (Link)

“SelfCheckGPT: Zero-Resource Black-Box Hallucination Detection for Generative Large Language Models” (Link)

RapidAI, a San Mateo-based developer of AI workflow solutions for neurovascular, cardiac and vascular diseases, raised $75m.

Percasyo Inform, an insurance data intelligence provider, raised £2.7M in funding

Dryad Networks, a Berlin-based startup that provides wildfire detection through large scale IoT networks, received an investment from Telus Pollinator

Switchboard, a San Francisco-based data engineering automation platform, raised $7M.

Ampcontrol, an AI-powered software for electric vehicle fleet operators, raised $10M.

Collaborative Robotics, a San Francisco-based developer of collaborative robots, raised $30M.

thymia, a London-based provider of a healthtech AI startup focused on mental health, raised $2.7M in Seed funding

AutogenAI, an AI-powered platform for writing business proposals and bids, raised $22M in funding.

Ennabl, an insurtech data analytics platform, raised $8M.

Protect AI, a Seattle-based machine learning security company, raised $35M.

Insight7, an AI-powered customer intelligence platform, pre-seed funding., a London-based AI learning startup, raised $5M.

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