Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, July 8, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

"Learning to speak to whales using AI, with David Gruber" (UChicago Big Brains Podcast)

“Job scams surged 118% in 2023, aided by AI.” (CNBC)

“China is the runaway leader in generative AI patent applications followed by the US, the UN says.” (AP)

Apple to gain OpenAI board observer role. (Reuters)

“Analyzing Quality, Bias, and Performance in Text-to-Image Generative Models.” (Paper)

“Latent Diffusion Model for Generating Ensembles of Climate Simulations.” (Paper)

👏 Deals

Kanvas Biosciences, a NJ-based biotech startup developing microbiome mapping technology aiming at drug discovery for microbiome-associated diseases, has raised $12.5m in financing.

Vaire Computing, a London-and-Seattle-based company dedicated to developing silicon chips for reversible computing to reduce energy use when running AI models, has raised $4.5m in seed financing.

Thiozen, a CA-based startup specializing in generating low emission hydrogen at low cost from sour gases, has raised $3.2m in financing.

Phaidra, a Seattle-based startup building an AI-driven control systems to help data centers achieve energy efficiency and sustainability, has raised $12m in financing.

Pieces, a Cincinnati-based startup creating on-device AI coding assistant to enable developers to save and share their work for higher productivity, has raised $13.5m in series A financing.

Cartken, a CA-based robotics startup specializing in developing autonomous delivery robots using AI for both indoors and outdoors, has raised $22.5m in financing.

Tembo, an OH-based startup building a platform for companies to easily build applications on Postgres, has raised $14m in series A financing.

Vida, a TX-based startup developing AI phone agents enabling small and medium-sized businesses to handle calls efficiently, has raised $3m in seed financing.

Granza Bio, a CA-based biotech startup developing a therapeutic delivery system (aka cargo system) aiming at treating cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infections, has raised $7m in seed financing.

Sensorita, a Norway-based startup designing an AI-powered sensor to track locations and fill-levels of trash containers for trash management, has raised $3.25m in seed financing.

Natural Capital Research, a London-based nature intelligence company focusing on delivering nature data and risk management solutions to organizations, has raised $10m in series A financing., a Germany-based startup building forest carbon offset platform connecting forest owners with companies to buy high-quality CO₂ credits, has raised €5M in seed financing.

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