Joyce’s picks: musings and readings in AI/ML, May 7, 2024

📌 Musings and Readings

Google DeepMind released Med-Gemini, a family of multimodal models fine-tuned and specialized for medicine. (technical paper)

Amazon Q, a generative AI assistant for business and developers, has launched. (AWS)

Reinforcement Learning Problem Solving with Large Language Models (technical paper)

An AI-controlled fighter jet took the Air Force leader for a historic ride. What that means for war (Politico)

The Shift from Models to Compound AI Systems (UC Berkeley)

NASA and IBM released geospatial foundational model (NASA)

👏 Deals 

Bioform Technologies, a Vancouver-based biotechnology startup developing a platform providing sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, has raised $5m in financing.

Summer Health, a NYC-based healthcare tech startup offering parents pediatric care support, has raised $11m in Series A financing.

RevOpsis Therapeutics, a CA-based biopharmaceutical startup focusing on innovation of ophthalmic therapies for neo-vascular AMD treatment, has raised $16.5m in financing.

Chemix, a CA-based startup developing EV batteries, has secured $20m in Series A financing.

Aropha, an Ohio-based startup using automation and predictive modeling for biodegradable material discovery and testing, has raised Seed financing.

Exowatt, a Miami-based startup offering renewable energy solutions, has raised $20m in financing.

Auxa Health, a NYC-based healthcare startup building an AI-powered platform to offer benefit solutions, raised $5.2m in Seed financing.

Sorted, a London-based startup providing AI-powered solutions to sort recyclable materials, has raised £1.65m in Seed financing.

Radical, a WA-based company building high-altitude aircraft powered by solar, has raised $4.5m in Seed financing.

Anon, a CA-based startup building a platform enabling developers to build user-permissioned integrations, has raised $6.5m in financing.

Alaffia Health, a NYC-based health tech firm building a generative AI tool for insurance claim operations, has raised $10m in financing.

NATIX Network, a Germany-based startup building AI-powered apps to enable real-time geospatial data collection, has raised $4.6m in financing.

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