Floreo VR - new potential for Autism therapy

Floreo VR, a portfolio company, has been granted FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and accepted into FDA's Total Advisory Product Lifecycle (TAP) Pilot program. Floreo provides immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences and VR-based lessons to help kids and adults with autism learn hard-to-teach skills. Floreo's lessons in VR help strengthen language, social communication, emotional regulation and adaptive life skills.

The FDA Breakthrough Device Designation is a major milestone for Floreo. To date, Floreo has worked with many clinics to provide its solution and collect data to demonstrate efficacy. The designation will provide Floreo additional opportunity to work closely with the FDA to increase access to Floreo's solution to patients and clinics.

I am very proud of the Floreo team under the leadership of Vijay Ravindran.

I was invited to join company's offsite gathering last year after the company had raised its Series A funding. Among many key takeaways, one is that the entire team truly understand children and individuals with autism and are passionate about bringing more effective solution to them.

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