Building a cyber defense fortress

Cyber attacks are getting out of hand, and every organization is vulnerable. Just looking at recent news:

Clorox had to take certain operations offline due to cyber attack (Reuters)

Discord went offline because over 700K user information were stolen (link)

Prince George's County public school system was hacked (link)

Connecticut school district lost more than $6 million in cyber attack (link)

A large real estate MLS listing vendor was hacked (link)

A number of large shoe law firms hacked earlier this summer (link)

Why is this happening?

  • Attack surface is expanding.
  • Hackers have very sophisticated tools and algorithms at their disposal.
  • The current security stack is no longer sufficient. Enterprise software stack goes through 10-15 year cycles, and in my view, the current security stack is at the end of a cycle.

What does this mean? Companies need to upgrade, augment, and replace the current cybersecurity stack.

Replacing current cybersecurity stack is not the most practical and predictably time consuming. The most viable alternative is for organizations to upgrade and augment current cybersecurity stack in the immediate future to reduce the the probability of getting hacked with an aging tech and solution stack.

One of the companies in the portfolio created this data sheet that highlights this core issue of the aging security stack. Threatblockr is one of the solutions that emerged in the last 3 years that augment the current security stack with immediate ROI on day 1 without breaking the cybersecurity budget. For example, benchmarked against having Threatblockr added to their stack, every cybersecurity team can see from the data what their current network security solutions have missed.

Cyber defense remains reactive. New regulations on reporting cyber attacks also ex-post in nature. What every organizations need is a cyber defense fortress to lower the probability of an attack materializing. The stronger the fortress the better.

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